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Bill Maher: Administrative Glut on College Campuses

In a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, Bill Maher sat down with two college professors to discuss the current college administration crisis and the “College Experience.” 

Daniel Bessner, an Associate Professor at the University of Washington, describes it as “A consumer-centered transformation where the student has become the consumer and the college experience has become the center of what college is about as opposed to education.”

The number of college administrators is staggering. In this episode, Bill Maher shares numbers on Yale and Stanford. “Stanford has 10,000 managerial staff” with 16,000 students. He also noted, “Yale has 5307 undergrads and 3500 admins.”

This is not an issue that solely concerns professors and university staff members who believe they are paid unfairly due to excess administration. Many students, including a few whom I spoke with, are concerned over the rising number of administrators in college. 

“It’s shocking how bloated college administrations are. There’s a seemingly endless amount of deans and directors for programs that create a bureaucracy in our educational institutions, leading to skyrocketing tuition prices and millions of students in debt. The money wasted on these administrative positions ends up lining the pockets of the leftist academic elite while causing most young people in America to put off marriage, having children, and home ownership, which should be a priority for a moral nation. “William Blathras, President of College Republicans at UW Madison

Another Student who wished to remain anonymous stated that the excess of administration leads to more bias on college campuses. 

“There are far too many administrators who don’t produce anything of value and use their bloated salaries to enforce liberal indoctrination on our campus and others.”  

“It is about having sex, doing drugs, and drinking and less about education.”

“What do these people do? What are they doing” Bill Maher queried.

Professor Glen Loury described their tasks as “having meetings, writing memos, and overseeing regulations. 

It appears that the goal of college is no longer the education of students but the sale of a product.

“There has been a seat change at who is running the college, it used to be professors, but now it is administrators.”

Wisconsin Standard contacted all relevant parties listed for comment and will update this article accordingly. 

Billy Blathras is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He serves as the Chairman of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans and is the publisher of the Wisconsin Standard.